Welcome to Addiction Recovery 101, and congratulations on taking significant steps in combating the stigma associated with addiction and recovery.


Disclaimer: This course contains foundational information only. It will provide individuals who have little or no professional education with cutting-edge foundational information to help understand basic and essential information valuable in engaging in those with substance use disorder. 

This course is not clinical. It uses standard everyday terms and promotes language used in recovery.


This course is valuable for all community partners such as family court workers, parent attorneys, nurses, physicians, case managers, social workers, mental health clinicians, faith community members, or anyone that engages with those experiencing substance use disorder who want to make a difference in the lives of others.


In most recent courses, testimonies have included, "Everyone who works with individuals with SUD should be mandated to take this course." We have received this testimony on at least five occasions from Guardians Ad Litem, Social Workers, and Law Enforcement. 


Shorter versions or more extensive versions of this training are available in person. Please get in touch with Ginger Ross at 603.918.6510 or [email protected].


Thank you for being part of the solution!

Ginger Ross, BA, CRSW, NCPRSS


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